President's Letter

North Shore Autism Circle was inspired by a group of parents on the North Shore of Long Island who were seeking outside activities for their children with Autism spectrum disorders . These children and young adults work so hard during the school day but yearn for social activities and life skills opportunities outside of their academic settings.

As we celebrate our ten year anniversary as a non -profit organization we reflect on how proud we are to be able to provide much needed grants to many programs and agencies that provide peer mentoring, life skills, vocational skills and sports and recreation programs to the autism community.

Shortage of state funding and budget cuts prevent many of the programs out there to exist without the help from non-profits like North Shore Autism Circle. Besides funding programs, it is part of our mission statement to help defray the costs of attending these programs for the families of the children with autism . We provide financial scholarships and fund grants to keep enrollment fees affordable to the families.

We have an incredible board of directors who bring experience and knowledge to the table and help in vital decision making as it relates to what is needed for this growing autism population.

We are grateful to our supporters who not only donate to our cause but who are actively involved in our two major fundraisers The Woodbury Ball for Autism- Jennifer Polansky and Woodbury Magazine and Holes for Hope - Friends helping Friends , our annual Golf, Tennis and Games Event.

We look forward to a prosperous and successful year. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children with Autism.

Amy Greenberg


North Shore Autism Circle