Grant Proposals

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Grant Proposals


The primary purpose of the North Shore Autism Circle (“NSAC”) is to help fund existing recreational, socialization and peer mentoring programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In the interest of advancing their mission, and in accordance with these stated goals, the NSAC’s Board of Directors selectively awards grants to applicant-organizations with programs that meet its guidelines for funding.

Grant Application Dates

The NSAC accepts grant applications on a quarterly basis. An organization seeking to apply for grant funding should be aware of the following annual deadlines for submission: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. Each quarter, the Board will review applications and respond to every organization’s proposal within four to six weeks of submission, no matter what the decision.

Grant Application Review

The Board, in its sole discretion, determines the number, dollar amount and type(s) of grants to be awarded. In deciding whether to award a grant to a particular organization, the Board weighs many factors. Of significant importance is whether the applicant-organization’s initiatives are in line with the NSAC’s mission statement.

The Board will also consider the quality of the program as well as the likelihood that it will be implemented according to the proposal. The NSAC receives various requests for funds each year. While many of these proposals merit funding and fall within our organization’s guidelines, the NSAC awards a limited number of grants. Submission of a proposal is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Grant Application Requirements

Every applicant is required to:

A. Submit a completed NSAC Grant Application; and

B. Prepare a complete and accurate proposal including the following items:

1. The need for the program, its significance and impact.

2. A description of the organization’s plan of action.

3. A financial breakdown/budget of the project cost.

4. How the funds, if awarded, will be used.

5. A history of the organization, including any relevant programs.

6. The most current annual report; a list of the organization’s Board of Directors, employees and their positions, including any affiliations.

7. Information concerning other similar programs for which the organization is submitting proposals, or may already have submitted, to NSAC or any other funding source.

8. How the organization intends to evaluate the program for which it is seeking funding.

9. The organization’s IRS Tax Exemption letter.

10. A line-item budget indicating the project’s income and expenses for the relevant fiscal year(s).

11. A statement of actual revenue and expenses for the last two years for the organization as a whole and for the project, including an audited statement and form 990.


Volunteers at the NSAC look forward to helping prospective applicants navigate the grant application process. Please send all questions and/or concerns to us at A member of our staff or Board will respond promptly to your inquiry.

Submission of Grant Application Document and Proposal:

Applicants may submit their Grant Application Document and Proposal to the NSAC either by:



Regular mail to:


North Shore Autism Circle

565 Plandome Road

Suite 284

Manhasset, NY 11030

Acceptance of Grant

Please note that by accepting a grant awarded by the NSAC, the recipient/organization acknowledges and agrees that the NSAC may use its name, and any and all other information related to the grant, for publicity purposes in any and all media, including, without limitation, use of such information on the NSAC website, without compensation or further authorization.

Use of Grant Funds

NSAC awarded funds shall be used solely for the purposes identified in the application proposal.

Confidentiality of Information and Liability

The Board of the NSAC reviews and processes each grant application and uses its best efforts not to disclose confidential or proprietary information contained in the submitted proposal. However, the NSAC cannot maintain or guarantee the confidentiality of information, and as a not-for-profit organization, does not have the financial resources to: (a) bear any liability for disclosure of information, or (b) institute mechanisms to ensure the confidentiality of information. By submitting an application, the organization accepts these provisions and agrees not to hold the NSAC liable for any breach of confidentiality. Further, by granting funds to a particular organization, the NSAC commits to the particular funding specified in the grant. The NSAC does not agree to any continuing commitment beyond the expiration of the grant.